I never thought I'd want a Dal, when I first saw them there was something in their face that I just didn't fall for. Then I saw Sooni and all that changed. She's my first Dal but not my last!

I'm finding there are quite a few differences between Blythes & Dals. For one thing, Hitomi's hair texture is MUCH different, more like a porcelain doll and less like a fashion doll - stiff and earthy smelling. Also - her head is a single solid piece with her wig glued on - rather than hair strands being stitched into a scalp like Blythes.

Doll Type:    Dal (Pullip)
Name:           Hitomi
Type:              Sooni
About Her:   She's full of mischief and enjoys asking why. She's never satisfied with just sitting inside all day long and is out and on the swings pumping her teeny legs as hard as she can to go as high as possible. She likes salty treats :)